We Miss You So

Time and life, nights and days go on;
We wake and still, Hannah you’re gone.
Two months plus have slowly passed
But we wake and find the nightmare lasts.

From nighttime to daytime the bad dream stays.
It steals our sleep and darkens our days.
It takes away our joys, leaves pensive our faces;
We read, pray, and talk, but nothing erases.

We miss you so! No less, given time:
From this deep grief it’s such an uphill climb!
A feeling here, a photo of you there,
A memory of a hug, your exuberant air:
Your presence seems to be everywhere
But the fact remains you’re just not there.
We miss you so in each of these places;
You left your mark and so many traces!
You’d see it in the gloom that settles on our faces
Or our time in your room to “drink in” your spaces.
You’d see it as we watch your sister and cousins play
And find a moment’s sadness upon us begins to prey.
We see it at the table with the one less place to set
And we feel it for the animals you used to love to pet.

Your toys, school papers,
loving notes and such;
It’ll never be enough and
yet it’s just too much!

There are so many things that
remind us of you
And each one, Hannah, just
Hurts through and through!

More for us than for you,
“It’s not fair!” we cry
Little girls of 8 aren’t supposed to die!


We miss you so!

Margaret Conradi July 20, 2005