Gravestones / Memory Stones

Six months have now passed,
Each no happier than the last.
We plod through life now, day in, day out,
Maybe getting closer to figuring it out.
At your grave there’s now a marble stone
And visitors oft, to see you’re not alone.
But we surely are!

The marker words your love repeat,
And echo our love, now incomplete.
How we’d rather love you in the flesh
Than stand by a grave where grass is fresh!
On the tree beside you everything’s for you:
Colorful trinkets, and an angel or two
With sighs placed there.

Colored stones, polished and small;
Pretty things left at your grave by us all,
Remembering a girl pretty outside and in.
We’re smiling at the memories of what had been.
The smiles oft give way to sadness’ tears.
How long will they last, Hannah? How many years?
You were so dear.

What’s heaven? Where? You know better than we.
The picture of you there is one we cannot see.
We can only dream of you frolicking around
No longer in the flesh in the cold hard ground.
A door closed behind you and locked us out.
When our time to enter comes, know what we’ll shout?
“Hannah, we’re here!”

Winter is coming. Sun’s rays are fading fast
The warm and brighter days will soon be past.
May the snow adorn your grave with gentle touch;
And we wish for a kiss of wind….not overmuch.
It’s still so unreal to think you’re not around
And we chafe at the fact we’re so earthbound.
Hannah, are you near?

We miss the Hannah we knew.
Hannah we still love you!

Love, Nana

Margaret Conradi November 15, 2005