A Missing Ray

Hannah! Dear Child with laughter
like golden sun rays;
Your smiles shone and warmed us
through all your short days.
You lit up our world with your
sparkling dark eyes.
The mem’ry of your winsomeness
now brings out our sighs.

Did God call you so early to
be sun for His Son?

Hannah! Your petulance and mischief
trod oft on our peace!
As daughter, grandchild, cousin
and niece,
You trifled with us sorely,
engaging us the while;
We all found you charming:
you and your bright smile.

Did God call you so early
to smile for His Son?

Hannah! In heaven there are no tears,
only ours here.
Alone and journeying on in
your tender 8th year,
We hope God welcomed you
and made you smile there.
Little girls need angel guides
on each heavenly stair!

Why did God call you early?
to be such a one?

Hannah! Oh, if God called you early
to be sun for His Son,
or to light up the path
for others so young,
then God needs to send us
the rays from your smiles,
Because our earth is darkened
and dreary are our miles.

Oh, why did God call you early?
Shine on, little one!

Love, Nana
Margaret Conradi May 16, 2005