My Sister, Hannah

By: Heather Wernke
Kinsner Elementary
19091 Waterford Parkway
Strongsville, Ohio 44149
Grade 6

My little sister, Hannah, died on May 15, 2005. She was eight. We don’t know why Hannah died, yet. The doctors think there was something wrong with the electrical activity of her heart. They think she had Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia (CPVT). They are still doing tests on Hannah and we’ve had some tests to make sure we don’t have whatever Hannah had. I know Hannah is fine now, though.

Hannah was an awesome sister! Sometimes she was annoying. I even miss that. Our favorite games were house and dog. I really wish I could still play with her now. We used to play silly games on the swings, bicycle tag, and many other things. I still play bicycle tag with my Dad, but it’s more fun with three people. I really miss Hannah.

Hannah always had a funny smile on her face. When her picture was taken, she smiled funny. She could make many faces. Some were hilarious. Hannah was always smiling.

I had a great dream with Hannah in it. We were climbing trees and then we drove a car together. We accidentally drove into someone’s yard and laughed so hard, we ended up in their garage! It was great to hear Hannah laugh. I can’t wait to see Hannah again!

I think of Hannah in heaven, with my Grandpa and my cousin William, having a great time. I think they are helping Hannah learn about heaven and she’s making them laugh. Hannah was a great sister.